God’s Wonders Down Under

By Matthew Priebe The animals and plants of Down Under are some of the most amazing on the planet. Parrots in every color, mammals with pouches, giant crocodiles, laughing kookaburras, coral reefs, glowworms, and marching penguins. So much of the life here is found nowhere else on earth. Baking deserts, tropical jungles, snowy mountains, rugged … Continue reading “God’s Wonders Down Under”

Spotlights on Creation (3 Discs)

By Matthew and Delise Priebe Join us as we shine a spotlight on creation, revealing areas that give us crucial insight into God’s spectacular design. This three-disc series of short ten-minute segments will explore the fascinating animals and plants this world has on display. Perfect for church, school or home viewing, this series will amaze … Continue reading “Spotlights on Creation (3 Discs)”

Free Articles

Matthew Priebe has written several articles on creation science and animals. Below are links to his articles on other websites. Cause ➔ Effect How Should We Treat the Animals? Without This Animal You Will Die! Red in Tooth and Claw Who Really Needs More Faith? Does the Bible Support Animal Cruelty? Does the Bible Support … Continue reading “Free Articles”


Matthew and Delise Priebe created Ask the Animals Productions to provide creative and stimulating media promoting God’s special creation. Delise is a schoolteacher, and works to teach children of the beauty and joy of nature and how we are all a part of God’s plan. Matthew is a naturalist who focuses on animal behavior and … Continue reading “About”