Spotlights on Creation {Part Two} Video


By Matthew and Delise Priebe

Join us as we shine a spotlight on creation, revealing areas that give us crucial insight into God’s spectacular design. This series of short ten-minute segments will explore the fascinating animals and plants this world has on display. Perfect for church, school or home viewing, this series will amaze you with the overwhelming beauty and power of God’s plan.

Running time: 60 minutes: 2016 (Revised 2022)



In each part, naturalist Matthew Priebe and school teacher Delise Priebe examine 6 of the 24 different topics from the natural world. In Part Two, we look at the following topics:

1-Sin in Nature, 2-Birds, 3-Marine Life, 4-Arachnids, 5-Flowers, 6-God’s Ecological Plan

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