Red in Tooth and Claw… Who Created the Predators?


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By Matthew Priebe

Predators. What are they? Where did they come from? And what is their reason for existence? When God created life on Earth, He made everything perfect, with no trace of death or killing. How do animals that eat other animals fit into God’s plans? Did they evolve naturally? Did Satan manufacture them? Or did God create them after all?

In this all-picture presentation, naturalist Matthew Priebe carefully examines this thorny issue. He looks at evidence from Scripture, Ellen White, and nature itself to see what they can tell us about animals that are far more diverse than we realize. Do you know which animals are predators and which aren’t? You might be surprised. Come with us as we explore this fascinating and misunderstood area of the animal kingdom.

Running time: 50 minutes: 2011


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