Can the Blind Watchmaker Account for This? [for Kids]


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By Delise Priebe

Does the animal world reveal a system made by chance or design? Did animals just appear out of nowhere or were they created by God? Using bright, vivid slide-show images of live animals, school teacher Delise Priebe explores this question from many angles. Some people say that nature changed slowly over millions of years all by itself. Others say that God made everything with care and forethought. But what do the animals say? What can we learn from the stories they have to tell?

Exploring the same animals that Matthew Priebe does for adults, Delise Priebe takes those same concepts and rewords them for school age children to be able to understand and comprehend. In this program we also compare the creation story to the claims of evolution to gain an understanding for why evolution doesn’t work.

Join us as we explore the miracles of the animal world around us. We will discover amazing animals like the aye-aye, four-eyed-fish, turtles, beetles, woodpeckers, sea creatures, bug mothers, walrus, bats, frogs, snakes, and much more. Even “ordinary” butterflies turn out to be living miracles of design.

Running time: 90 minutes: 2007


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