Can the Blind Watchmaker Account for This?


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By Matthew Priebe

Does the animal world reveal a system made by chance or design? Do animals give us answers? Using bright, vivid slide-show images of live animals, naturalist Matthew Priebe explores this question from many angles. Some people say that nature is guided by random forces leading to amazing complexity and variation. Others say that God made everything with care and forethought. But what do the animals say? What can we learn from the stories they have to tell?

From the walrus of the icy arctic seas to Australia’s platypus, we see the incredible ways animals find elusive food. Unbelievable complexity is found all the way down to the microscopic world of the single cell, and in ordinary-seeming beetles in your backyard. Little-known birds have unique ways of raising their young in difficult conditions. Sea creatures beyond your wildest dreams exist in stunning colors and shapes, hidden from our sight most of their lives. Even “ordinary” butterflies turn out to be living miracles of design.

Running time: 100 minutes; 2007


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